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Life Insurance Innovations
Life Insurance

4 Recent Innovations in Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance is no longer constrained to the inflexible policies our parents held. Here are some of the latest additions and innovations to give you more options than ever. Today’s life insurance policies are not the policies our parents and grandparents grew up with and purchased. They offer more features and more customization, at a price lower than many consumers…

What is COLA, and How Does it Affect Retirement?

The COLA on Social Security is projected to increase benefits by more than 10%. How does that affect your retirement? Inflation in the United States is at a 40-year high, and the entire country seems to be feeling the squeeze of rising prices, regardless of income level. Though the debate over the cause of current inflation rates rages on, one…

What To Do If You’ve Lost a Retirement Account

A recent study found that the problem of “forgotten 401(k)” and pension accounts is widespread, and amounts to approximately 24 million accounts containing $1.35 trillion in assets. The issue is so big that Congress is considering creating a national online “lost-and-found” database to help people track down their accounts as part of a larger bill containing more benefits and protections…
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